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Riley From Call of Duty Ghosts 2013 created for Infinity Ward.

I kinda wanted to go even more out there with the gear - but a more relateable rig worked out best in the final asset.

The final asset is comprised of 6 separate texture stacks: Head, Body, Gear, Fur, Eyes, Mouth.
I worked on him for about 3 months on and off to complete from concept, photography, sculpt, topology and texturing. I photgraphed and sourced over 3000 seperate images from a stunt dog name Ruger which we also motion captured. LOD 0 ended up being 23020 Triangles.

Thomas a szakolczay 00 riley render tasmediafile

Marketing Render - Full Material Stack

Thomas a szakolczay 07 riley render ingame tasmediafile

Ingame Capture

Thomas a szakolczay 01 riley concept tasmediafile


Thomas a szakolczay coddogbirth

Riley For Real - Ruger

Thomas a szakolczay 02 riley reference

PhotoShoot /Reference Sheet

Thomas a szakolczay 03 riley zbrush tasmediafile

Base Rough ZBrush Sculpt

Thomas a szakolczay 04 riley naked process tasmediafile

Game Mesh ReTopo - Diffuse Only - No Gear

Thomas a szakolczay 05 riley gear process tasmediafile

Game Mesh - Diffuse Only - Geared Up

Thomas a szakolczay 06 riley materials tasmediafile

Material Stack