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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare SCAR Pilot Design

A collection of designs and key art used during the development of the SCAR pilot for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Thomas a szakolczay scar pilot reyes modelsheet

Final SCAR Pilot Design:
This is the model sheet i passed off to the character modelers. The Design was intended to express a combination of pilot and spec-ops soldier that can operate in the vacuum of space to "boots on the ground" combat.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 un pilot salter

Salters Loadout

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 un pilot reyes characters study

Reyes Character Study: Brian Bloom plays Nick Reyes, this is one of the first concepts depicting him in his role.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 pilots preflight

SCAR Maincast Character Study: Once we figured out the casting for Salter and Reyes, I began visualizing the main cast on the deck of the retribution. I took this opportunity to design the pressure suit worn under the pilot fatigues.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 scarpilots render

Reyes and Salter Ingame Models: These are the final models based on my pilot designs. Reyes was played by Brian Bloom and Salter was played by Jamie Gray Hyder.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 scar patchdesign

SCAR Unit Patch Design: I was going for something aggressive to represent how badass these pilot / spec ops soldiers are. The screaming skull with 2 lighting scythes forming a spade does that well i think.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 pilot lookdev keyimage 1

Some early keyart for the SCAR pilot. This was meant to be a quick simple image to express mood and tone early on the project.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 pilot lookdev keyimage 2

Some early look direction keyart for the SCAR pilot. Meant to be reminiscent of the Modern Warfare 2 cover.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 un pilot npc

Basic SATO Pilot Designs

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 earlyhelmetdeisgns

Basic helmet designs for soldiers and pilots.

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 radiohandset

Radio Handset carried by the UNSA pilots and marines

Thomas a szakolczay iw7 magboots

Magnetic Boots: This is an older design that evolved into a much more simplified version. The original brief called for boot attachments that had an obvious analogue mechanism to indicate magnetism was activated for game design reasons.